The Wisdom of the Animals, by Phil Borges [*]

Here is someone who understands wildlife.  The take away for me was to have respect for nature, to which we are connected.

A conversation with wildlife educator Steve Karlin In 1980 Steve Karlin, a former National Parks Service ranger, founded Wildlife Associates, dedicated to educating people about animals and the environment. Now situated on 120 acres on the coast of northern California, Wildlife Associates provides a home for more than fifty wild animals who are no longer equipped to survive in the wild, and brings educational programs to about 100,000 students in the San Francisco Bay Area each year.

Steve Kalin and Susie Bear

Steve Karlin:  So I had a love affair with a wonderfully beautiful, amazing, intelligent being who people know as a black bear, but I know as Susie Bear. She taught me every day. She taught me about being a human and how to be there, how to be who you are and stand your ground. Because when a 330-pound bear is coming at you angry—if I were to run out of the enclosure, well, I would not be able to get back in because she would say, “Okay, I got you. You are not willing to stand there with me.” So I had to stand there with her.

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Updated: September 10, 2017 — 1:30 pm

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