A pantarbe is an alchemical gem which shines like the sun and acts upon gold like a magnet.

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This WordPress blog is for anyone who would be a pantarbe in the world through one or more media and life’s challenges. Pantarbica dances with and around the creative impulse that guides within each of us so our endeavors shine and prosper. I refer to this inner matrix as one’s muse. …But how does one, or can one, live with this muse in the midst of the noise surrounding one’s life?

Here are posted my own reflections on various arts and writing, mythologies through history and around the world, how we deal (or not) with change and how we have fun (making and playing our games) in an often stressful world.  Also I include the thoughts of others on the Internet, which I have curated. Curated titles will end in [*].  In addition to articles, I will display my own creative works occasionally or curate the creative works by others.  Also, I keep a link list of recommended web sites and news groups.  Pantarbica is an online resource for you and your muse.

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Benjamin Miller 2017

I am Benjamin A Miller. I have experiences in computer information systems, web site development, writing, editing, computer graphics, music, theater, sound engineering, communications, bookkeeping. food service and games. I have a B.A. in English (UW 1983, Creative Writing emphasis), a Certification in Computer Information Systems (NSCC 1990), a Certification in Fiction Writing (UW Extension, SF/F, 1994) and a B.S. in Game Design (Full Sail University 2020).

I have played percussion, piano and other keyboard instruments since the 1970s. I experiment with MIDI and other digital audio. Much of my early life was around even on the stage. I know Photoshop and other graphics software. I enjoy coding and scripting, mostly with HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python and a few other computer languages. While I use the Unity 3D game engine when developing games, I also am familiar with Unreal Engine and other game software.

I bring all my various experience, skills and knowledge together in my small business, BAM Works/Webcraft.

As BAM Works/Webcraft, I am an independent, freelance contractor who provides web site design, development and maintenance services to small businesses, creative and educational enterprises, and individuals who desire a personal, handcrafted touch to their online needs. I reach around the globe with cyberspace, either expressing myself creatively or helping others fulfill their own dreams. With Pantarbica I will help you achieve your goals.

I welcome your constructive comments. Please e-mail me if you have questions or concerns — or wish to offer link swaps.

Thank you very much!

BAM Works/Webcraft

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