What Is ION Creative Thinking? [*]

Innovation is inspiring, and potential innovators of all ages rarely need to be convinced that it is worth pursuing. But they often need help finding the path to success. That’s what ION (inbox, outbox, and newbox) thinking skills are designed to do. They’re not easy to develop and take a lot of time to learn, but they can work for everyone. Childlike wonder about a topic while developing the extensive and long lasting expertise (i.e., well-developed expertise) enables more fluid, flexible, and original imagination about the topic. Innovators use expert critical analysis to evaluate the unique ideas generated by their imagination and select the most promising useful ones. Finally, they use newbox thinking to combine, elaborate, and simplify those promising ideas into one, unique and useful reality. This is creativity in a nutshell. It’s not a mysterious force only available to a selected few. It’s a teachable and learnable skill. It’s there to serve you if you embrace it.

By Dr. KH Kim and Alex Riccio

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