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How to Awaken Your Muse [*]

This is more about what I call the Muse in each of us.

From the article…

Artist Musing / Fuse / Getty Images

Artist Looking at a Blank Canvas. Fuse / Getty Images

A muse is that “spark of inspiration” that stirs within writers, musicians, and artists helping them to tap into their creative juices. Everyone is creative. Everyone has a muse. But what are we to do when our muse is deep in slumber or nowhere in sight or sound? We cannot always depend on our muse to rise to the occasion. Your muse may need a poke now and then in order for inspiration to flow more freely.

…A muse is the Johnny Appleseed of your psyche. Muses plant seeds…

Muses virtually never grow up. They are very childlike in the way they demand our attention.

It is important to learn to listen to or at the very least acknowledge whispers from your muse….

…your muse will return again and again to whisper inspirations in your inner ear… Are you listening?

by Phylameana lila Desy