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Creativity is Messy [*]

Here is an article that one must attempt a balance between procedures and creativity.  The established methods tend to be polished.  To attempt the new is rolling up one’s sleeves to break apart and reassemble in a new way — a messy process, in my opinion…

From the article…

So many organizations are looking for a process to help them be more creative and innovative. Well, creativity is messy – processes are not.

…people and organizations want to shape their future. And many of them look for the old good familiar way to do that: they look for a process.

Creativity and innovation also involve taking some inputs and coming up with output – a creative one. So at first, they appear to be a perfect match for the framework of a process. But this line of thought ignores the nature of creativity. In short: creativity is messy!

If you want your organization to be more creative, you have to be prepared for the “process” to be messy. In this context that’s not a bad thing. In the case of being innovative, that’s even essential. And it can be lots of fun as well.

By Lidor Wyssocky (@LidorWyssocky, @seempli),
a fine-art photographer and the creator of seempli
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